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Squeaky Clean House Cleaning

Here at Squeaky Clean House, we provide a simple and refreshing hourly rate that is the same price for BOTH Basic & Deep Cleaning services!  We also provide some really cool Deep Clean add-on’s (at no extra cost) that our customers love to mix and match on each cleaning. Since ALL of our cleaning consultant speak English, you can even add them same day!

Another benefit to using Squeaky Clean House.com is our OutSource Technology System © or OTS.  It’s our hi-tech system that allows us to outsource your cleaning to another highly rated cleaning company in your area IF we don’t have enough cleaners on staff that day or if emergencies come up.  This virtually guarantees you we will show up on your cleaning day!   This is huge because one of the biggest challenges customers have is just getting a cleaning company to show up on time.

We offer various types of cleanings for businesses, vacant homes, apartment cleanings and deep cleanings! While we are located in Oklahoma City, Edmond and Tulsa – We also offer house cleanings throughout the United States working with the top cleaners in your area. Our website is available 24/7 for your house cleaning needs. You can schedule a cleaning at anytime!

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Deep-Clean add-on’s!

We offer a unique list of deep-clean add-on services, like Dishes, Laundry, Hand washing of items, Interior Windows and many more.

Most house cleaning companies do not let you pick or choose add-on’s week to week or have the wide selection we have!


Call Us Today at 405-585-7601 or 855-550-4045

Reasons to Pick us for your house cleaning service…share

  • Cleaners speak fluent English
  • We accept all major credit cards w/ no additional processing fees
  • We provide all cleaning supplies
  • We offer Saturday service
  • We offer an array of Deep Clean add-on’s like Laundry, Dishes, Fridge Clean out, Oven cleaning, decluttering services at NO Additional Charge!
  • No Contracts!
  • Real Training of cleaners
  • One Hourly Rate for Everything so it’s very simple
  • 24/7 Online Booking!

Business Cleaning…

biz clean SCHWe offer a Simple & Flexible small business or office cleaning service in the Oklahoma City metro area that is getting rave reviews.  With us, it’s very simple!  You simply tell us how many man hours you would like us to clean and we do the rest.  

  • No Contracts!
  • Pay as you go!
  • One Rate for Everything!

How it Works?

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