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Boost Terms

  1. If you get high complaints, refunds, or charge backs consistently for any reason, your account will need to changed to our Pay-Per-Referral mode.  This means that all the calls and booking requests from Google will be sent to your website or your squeaky clean page and you would be responsible for handling the money and customer service issues.   Each House Cleaning referral costs $50-$100 depending on the area you are in.
  2. Our program is NOT a “Franchise” as defined by state and federal law:
    • We do not require a franchise fee
    • we do not require a specific dollar amount to be spent each month on marketing
    • we do not require that you use our website, logo, trademark or name and request that you use your own personal name, your own business cards and or logo.  Not ours!
    • we do not provide a “marketing plan” either.  All we provide is BASIC management of a Google Adwords account, which is considered paid search advertising only
  3. Any training materials we send you are only for your help and 100% voluntary and not required to be a Vendor of ours.  It is so that you can get better reviews and less complaints.  They are also to provide you with the way we “recommend” that you clean only and not a requirement.