House Cleaning Made Simple!

Yes, we are open during the COVID-19 situation making sure homes & businesses stay clean!

Squeaky Clean House.com is a National House & Business Cleaning referral agency that offers house cleaning services, move in cleaning, move out cleaning, post construction cleaning services and hoarding home clean up for homes throughout the country. With 24-hour online booking and house cleaning quotes, you can quickly get your cleaning booked and scheduled in under 3 minutes!

The Best Cleaners!

Our cleaners are highly reviewed and have done exceptional jobs in the past for us. They all have their own supplies, reliable transportation, background checks, and more!
We only send cleaners that are healthy and not sick to your homes or businesses!

Deep Cleaning & Disinfecting Services!

No matter the deep cleaning add-on you need, we can probably do it. Just let us know about it during your free quote. We also provide a Hydrogen Peroxide based disinfecting service for those concerned with the COVID-19 issue.

Book Your Cleaning Now!

Our easy-to-use and secure booking form is available 24-hours a day to anyone in America to book your cleaning. You're not charged until after your cleaning.

Calculate Your Cleaning!

Using our booking form, you can easily estimate your cleaning cost. Just choose the hour-drop down and watch the price change! Then look for your dates and done!

SqueakyCleanHouse.com is a ‘House Cleaning Referral Agency’ as well and is different than just your atypical house cleaning company and we will illustrate how. Think of us as a “clearing house” for many other house cleaning companies where our technology pulls in and only uses their BEST cleaners.   Similar to a Kayak . com does for Tickets on airlines or Orbits as well.  They pull from many other companies speeding up your shopping time and hassles. Most standard house cleaning companies have to hire and train beginners in your home but WE don’t since we have the ability to pick from multiple companies at one time.  Think of it like a Filter of sorts that looks at many other companies within 10 seconds so you don’t have to do all of that legwork and calling around!   Saving you a LOT of time & money too!  Our technology provides the best of both worlds – our own cleaners and a network the the worlds best from other companies, all in one place!  Read more about it here.