The Basics

  • It’s $30 to $35 per man hour (depending on what city your in) and the website drop down will show this when you select your city
  • It’s a minimum of 3 hours to come out for a Home or Business
  • It’s the same price per hour for Basic or Deep Cleaning so its extremely simple!  With us you don’t have to worry about a bunch of confusing add-on’s or extra fees!!
  • Our system just doubles the man hours to give you an estimate if hours needed. So, if your home usually takes 4 hours on a basic clean and you want a Deep clean, it will automatically change it to 8 man hours.
  • In order to provide you with options, we have 2 modes to pick from – Firm and Flex.
  • Firm mode – means you only pay for the exact # of hours you buy and we work down your priority list (will be on website after completed the booking) in order until our time is up.
  • Flex mode – means that we add a 50% cap over and above the hours you select in order to stay and finish all your tasks if need be.  For example, if you buy 4 hours flex, your cap hours would be 6.  Flex mode is good for vacant cleans, deep cleans and first time cleans so we can get an idea of how long it will take
  • We provide all the equipment and supplies
  • Once you place your order, it will come in to our manager Jenni who will then get you on the schedule and if she has any questions, will call you back too.  You will also get an email from us 48 hours in advance of your clean date as a reminder
  • If you have less than 5 hours, we typically send 1 cleaner and if 6 or more hours we try to send 2 cleaners out.
  • You can list task priorities but keep in mind they are to be done based on the room to room ranking.  Our cleaners are trained to work room to room only!  Not task to task.
  • If you need to make changes to your account or appointments, we ask that you first use our My Account Page to send it your requests online versus the phone in an attempt to help us provide you better customer service.  Unfortunately, our mobile workforce type of business makes using phone and voice mails very slow and inefficient most of the time

Definition Of Terms

Whenever you see the word “hours” on our website or materials or hear our cleaners use the term “hours” it is to mean “man hours” or billable hours.  For example – If you buy 10 hours and we send 2 cleaners, that is technically 5 real hours or 10 man hours. See our Polices page for more details.

More FAQ’s

What Cities do we clean in?

  • We currently provide house cleaning services in Oklahoma City and it’s surrounding suburbs, Tulsa, Dallas, and Georgia.

Do our cleaners speak English?

  • All of our cleaners speak English and you can tell us who you prefer or not prefer in your home too
What should I do to prepare for a cleaning?
  • We ask that you simply make all the rooms you want us to clean clutter free.  Otherwise, we may not be able to clean them to our fullest ability
  • Also, please be sure you download priority checklist and have it filled out prior to cleaning.
  • If you cannot print this form, just use some pen and paper and leave some directions out so the cleaner can see them easy
What do we use on Wood floors?
  • We use a diluted blend of Murphy’s Oil and Water very lightly using a flat mop so it does not get floors very wet.
Do you accept checks or cash?
  • No.  We only accept credit cards at this time in order to reduce risk of our cleaners keeping cash on them and/or losing checks.  We do not charge a processing fee.
Do I need to leave a Key at your office so the cleaners can get in?
  • You can also leave the door unlocked and we can lock it when leaving your home
  • Also, for only $20, you can have us assign a Squeaky Lock Box to your house as well
What’s the difference between a deep clean or regular clean?
  • We will do the items on our 62 Point General Clean checklist.  A basic clean is more of a upkeep light clean and generally doesn’t include a bunch of scrubbing or decluttering
  • If you tell us what deep clean items you would like add, it simply adds to your time if you are on the hourly plans.  So there is ONLY one price per man hour for everything!!
Do you offer Gift Cards?
  • Yes!  We have a special page here where you can purchase house cleaning gift cards for any occasion.
  • We can email them or mail them to you or the friend/family member
What are our hours of operation and how do we schedule appointments?
  • We answer our sales line 24/7 and you can book online 24/7 as well!!
  • Our customer service and dispatch hours are 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday

What cleaning shifts do we offer?

  • We have a PM shift after 5, an afternoon shift from 1 to 5 and a morning shift from 9 to 1.  We usually reserve the AM slots for our bi-weekly or recurring customers and the one-time appointments are in the afternoon and evening and on Saturdays too.  Every shift other than the AM shift is tentative arrive times

How do I get an estimate & book an appointment?

Do I need to be at the house when you show up?

  • Absolutely not.  Our arrival times have a buffer of 1 hour typically so we would hate for you to be waiting around for us.  However, we don’t mind at all if you are in your own house

What is our cancellation policy?

  • We simply ask that you inform us at least 48 hours prior to avoid our minimum fee of $75.  Same applies if it’s a Lock Out and we cannot

How do access my account info?

Are we Bonded/Insured?

  • Yes!  And we are proud to say we have never had to use either to date

I have tried several cleaning companies and they all are terrible.  Are you any different?

We like to say that trying to define “clean” is like trying to define the official color gray!  it simply can’t be done.  This creates some very challenging issues for us cleaning companies.  This is why cleaning companies generally have some of the worse reviews and very high churn rates.  The good news is that ownership has taken its technology background and tried to fix and innovate many areas so that your cleaning experience is a positive one!  Some other insights are:

  • Turnover rates are high so many owners don’t want to train. We still invest this time/money into our cleaners anyways.
  • The industry is lacking the proper software to manage the complexity ( we are in the process of launching our very own cleaning software and app in 2015!)
  • Many customers do the “one-and-done” – we have almost 20 cleaners and some are new and others been with us a long time.  We recommend trying a company 2-3 times before giving up
  • Are you doing your part?  What we mean is that it is important to declutter your home first (or add it to your account so we can do it for you) and to leave our priority checklist out so the cleaners know what to (and not) do.  Many of our complaints from customers have not done these 2 items
  • Our owners have had retail, insurance, marketing, management, college and technology experience before starting SCH.  Most owners of cleaning companies do not.  This allows us the ability to use technology and better business practices to our advantage.

How do I update by Billing info?

  • Simply call us at 405-585-7601

How do I reschedule or cancel an future appointment?

How do I send feedback about my cleaning experience?

Do we provide Business cleaning services too?