What is Gray?

Here at Squeaky Clean House, we have always said that House Cleaning is very similar to the color Gray.  Did you know there are 256 primary shades of Gray?

What would you say “gray” is?  Everyone would pick a different shade as to what they thought the “official” Gray would be.  It’s no different with house cleaning.  Because of the abstract nature of the house cleaning industry, many people have trouble finding a good cleaning company.

So, you have tried several cleaning companies and have yet to find one you like?  We hear it all the time.  Why can’t you find one?

Well, here is our theory – Most people that want house cleaning are very detailed, picky, clean, and OCD types. (it’s a compliment)  You are 10% of the population.  Or, you just hate to clean your house but nobody can do it as good as you can.

How difficult is it to find a perfect anything?  How about a perfect spouse?  Perfect kids?Perfect Movie?  Perfect Restaurants are everywhere, right?  Shouldn’t we have found a perfect President by now?

House cleaning is no different.  As a matter of fact, it is probably one of the most difficult and complex service industries there is on the planet!  Similar to the color gray, your definition of “clean” will be different than the person to the right or left of you.  Service industries have to have standardized, organized methods and processes in order to operate with any sort of profitability.

We recommend that one take a more patient approach to it.  Think of it as a massage company or restaurant.  If one therapist gives you a bad massage, do you totally give up on the entire company at that moment?   Would you eat one meal at a new restaurant and never go back?  If you do, than we probably are not a good fit for each other.  Instead, think of it as a process to find the right mix of methods and pricing that fits your style and budget.  This could happen on the first appointment.  However, sometimes it takes 2 or 3 appointments for us to get that right mix or find the “sweet spot”.  You will see and notice things in your own house that we may not notice right away — it’s only natural.  Ever notice how you think your house is dirtier than other people do.  It’s because you live there and see every little piece of dust.  You also have seen it clean and know what the before and after should look like.

In conclusion, when you combine an Abstract service with very detailed oriented people and dash in Murphy’s Law for good measure, it can almost be called a miracle when you find a cleaning company you like!