Health & Relationship Benefits of House Cleaning

Stress, both mentally and physically is a killer!


In today’s busy world where both spouses are working or mom is working at home to raise kids, keeping the house clean has become virtually impossible.  Houses are a lot bigger than they used to be.  We have more stuff than we used to have.


All of this has lead to very high levels of stress in last 10+ years:  Read article here


House cleaning can help by providing you…


  • Less Stress on mind – lower blood pressure
  • Less Stress on body – less wear and tear on joints and back
  • More time w/ Kids means less problems as they grow up
  • More time w/ Spouse means better marriage
  • More time to work and increase income, which could pay for the house cleaning and early retirement
  • More time to enjoy hobbies
  • More time to spend w/ Friends
  • More time to spend w/ your Church

How about adding an additional 10 years to your life and marriage?