Individual vs Professional

  • With a professional house cleaning service, you don’t have to do the hiring, background check, etc. We do all that for you.
  • We pay Social Security and employer taxes, so you don’t have to hassle with that.
  • We are insured and bonded in the State of Oklahoma for Residential House Cleaning. Individuals, typically, are not.
  • We carry workers compensation insurance, so you are free from liability on injuries.
  • You don’t have to be the boss. You don’t have to give direction and feedback to the employee – we can do all that for you by calling you periodically to check in. We will be happy to take your call to take your feedback. We will take your instructions and implement them through our staff.
  • You don’t have to build a relationship with our employee – that gets awkward with individuals. Our service is designed to give you all the freedom from involvement that you desire.
  • You don’t have to inspect the work, we do that routinely. And we are open to your input at your leisure as well.
  • We provide all the equipment and supplies needed at our cost – no more buying and storing all that stuff.
  • With a professional housecleaning service, we train a back-up employee to cover your house when your regular person is sick. Not so with an individual.