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We are needing to find a couple more house GOOD house cleaners for our residential cleaning company! We start at $25 per hour and you can easily average $15+ (tips) per hour with our company within a few weeks if you are good and dependable.

Benefits of our company:

– We can work around your college or other schedules
– Flexible hours – you tell us what you can work and we try to put jobs on your calendar
– We don’t require you to drive to our office twice a day so you save a lot of gas money & time!
– Pay Weekly on Fridays
– Access all your jobs online or on your phone!

What will be required of you to get jobs assigned to you on a consistent basis?

– A working car that is yours and you have enough gas to get you to first paycheck in 2 weeks
– A smart phone that has internet
– Flexibility in your schedule
– Dependability – if you have a lot going on and call in a lot, this job won’t work for you
– A positive attitude and WANTING to work, not just needing to

Job Application Here (click here)