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Water Damage Leads

Get More Water Damage Leads Today

With our exclusive lead generation websites and system, you’ll get the water damage leads you need to grow your business much faster. Our top performing water damage restoration partners turn 70%+ calls into jobs. While the average revenue from our leads is $4,000, partners have recently gotten jobs worth $40,000, $100,000, and even $260,000.

How It Works…

  1. We use SEO, PPC and SEM techniques to put our ads in front of customers.
  2. Customers request a free quote on our websites and we route them directly to you.
  3. You answer their call, set the appointment, and perform the service.
  4. The customer pays you directly after completing the job.
  5. We track the requests or call and bill you on a per lead basis per our service agreement.

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