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Exclusive Cleaners Now Available!

Great news!  SCH now offers our customers the ability to “lock down” or make specific cleaners exclusive to your account if you qualify.SCH Exclusive Cleaners

  • Only $10 per hour more
  • Get approval decision quick
  •  Pick your 1 or 2 favorite cleaners before someone else does

Now, keep in mind we have about 12-15 cleaners and so our preferred method is for you to let us know which cleaners you prefer or not prefer and we attempt to place them on your appointments as we can.

However, once you activate the above Exclusive feature, we will not place anybody else on your appointment and call first every time if there is a problem.

To see if you qualify, simply click here and fill this short form out: http://form.jotformpro.com/form/42887339813972