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Boost+ Program for House Cleaners

Introducing Squeaky Clean House’s Boost+ for House Cleaners or House Cleaning Companies:

  • once you are approved as a Vendor provider, you can have the opportunity to add Boost+ to your account in an attempt to make you even more busy with new orders in a 15-30 miles radius around your home or business!
  • Minimum of $50 (monthly) to begin and we can payroll deduct this expense from your future earnings!  100% Risk Free for you.
  • We are currently waiving the $99 setup fee too!
  • We handle all the online order processing w/ credit cards, customer service, sales, quoting and scheduling for you!
  • No Franchise Fees!   No forced marketing spend!  Cancel any time too!
  • We use our $ to get it rolling and deduct the expense out of any Bookings you get.
  • You focus on what you do best – Clean!


How it Works?

  1. When you add Boost to your account and news jobs comes in that are located in your preferred cities, you get first right of refusal to these jobs!
  2. We do not inform other cleaners in our network about these new jobs until you get to decide if you want it or can do it first.  
  3. If you cannot do the job for any reason or have not accepted it within a few hours of it being posted, we then allow others to grab it

To BOOST your house cleaning jobs and fill your calendar up faster, simply fill out the form below to get started to see if you Qualify!