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Boost Basic

Introducing SCH’s Boost Basic: A ‘Pay-Per-Referral‘ Program for House Cleaners and House Cleaning Companies to get much busier.

If our Boost+ program is not a fit for you, your  a house cleaning company or you did not have high enough ratings to stay on our Boost+ program, this may be an excellent option for you!

How it Works:

  1. With Boost Basic, all house cleaning calls, quotes and/or booking requests from Google will be sent to your website or your Google Local Page and you would be responsible for handling the money and customer service issues instead of us.
  2. Each House Cleaning referral costs $50-$100 depending on the area you are in!  That is it.  You keep whatever you decide to charge and can make a lot more money and/or get paid same day by the customer directly
  3. There is a $99 setup fee, which includes Phone tracking & monthly reporting (we send to you) so we can see and listen to all calls you get
  4. You add funds to your account anywhere from $100 to $2500 and we simply subtract all calls or online booking requests from these funds
  5. You get busier and busier with new Jobs and make more $ since your more in control!
  6. 100% Results Based!  If you do not get a Referral you pay zero!  We will even refund your Setup fee if you get no referrals after 90 days!  




Things to Consider:   

  • It is important that you understand that at SCH, we only use Paid Search Advertising on Google bidding platform to generate referrals for House Cleaners.  That’s it.  Nothing else.  But we are really good at it! =)
  • Keep in mind that the average cost for 1 click on google for “house cleaning services” is about $5 on average!  I said “click”, not referral.
  • It can take 5 to 10 clicks to get one call.
  • That one call can turn into a $500 job or a $150 job every 2 weeks, which is over $3000 per year for that one new customer!
  • This above is why so many house cleaners struggle – they do not understand advertising or what they should be paying in order to get 1 new customer.  If you cannot keep customers long-term, you probably need to see what you are doing wrong?
  • Spending $50 to $100 to gain a job that could earn you $300 to $3000 is a VERY GOOD return on investment by ANY standard.
  • The key to these is being able to have a professional voice-mail setup, answer the phone or return the calls quickly.  And to respond to the Booking Requests asap!
  • You cannot compare our system to companies selling cheap “shared” leads to 10 companies.  Our program is JUST FOR YOU.  Our referrals are not going to multiple companies so we cannot afford to charge you just $10 for these.
  • Shared Referrals are cheap because they are getting blasted with 30 calls all at once and so they do not convert as easily.  You will spend a lot of time on the phone with those trying to catch them.

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