Business Cleaning

We offer a Simple & Flexible small business or office cleaning service or office cleaning service in the Oklahoma City metro area that is getting rave reviews.  With us, it’s very simple!  You simply tell us how many man hours you would like us to clean and we do the rest.  Book_Cleaning_Now

  • No Contracts!
  • Pay as you go!
  • One Rate for Everything!

How it Works?

  1. creating-successful-small-business-software-as-a-serviceIt’s a minimum of 3 hours for us to come out
    • If you need assistance figuring out how many hours to book, give us a call at 405-585-7601 or email us with your details and we can recommend a starting point. (squeakycleanhouseokc @ )
  2. It is $35 per man hour and we provide the supplies (no floor waxing, stripping or carpet cleaning)
    • We use Meyers Cleaning agents so your employees don’t have allergic reactions to any strong chemicals while working
    • This one price per hour covers BOTH Basic & Deep Cleaning so it’s very simple for you
  3. You sign-up online below and pick some dates you would like us to begin (also pick your frequency)
    • We do not do in person estimates but you can always adjust hours needed on your 2nd cleaning too
  4. We require a valid credit card at signup and do not do Invoicing since we do not require a contract from you
    • If you prefer to pay once a month, we also offer a pre-pay account as well
    • Since we do not require a contract from you, we do not submit bids for office cleaning!
  5. You customize the tasks we need to do using our Priority checklist form (will be provided after sign up) and we do the rest!







Our cleaners are trained on both Basic and Deep cleaning too so we got everything covered!








We use only Meyers Clean Day products for a fresh and natural cleaning smell for your small business!