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House Cleaning Made Simple…

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Squeaky Clean House offers nationwide house cleaning services throughout the entire United States.  We offer house cleaning, move out/in cleaning and post construction cleaning quotes and/or service throughout the USA.   We strive to provide timely, reliable and modern cleaning services.

You can schedule online at anytime by below…


Still have Questions?  Contact us by:

  • Toll Free at 855-550-4045
  • Use our Nationwide Texting Phone Line at 405-259-5450
  • Click on the Button above to get a live quote!

Not all House Cleaning services are created equal.  As with any other industry, you will get what you pay for.  House Cleaning is no different.

    • The Main difference between us and our competitors is that we Focus on DEEP cleaning where as the majority of companies do Basic General Cleaning about 80% of the time.
    • This means that our cleaners have to be OK and able to get on their hands and knees ALL DAY sometimes!
    • If you are trying to sell a home or get ready to move into a house, time is of the essence and we know that your peace of mind is of critical importance.
    • We also provide an easy to book online system with ONE low rate per hour and no additional deep clean or add-on fees.

  • We now offer a Nationwide Texting Hotline for Questions!
  • Text Your Questions to 405-259-5450

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