Coronavirus Cleaning & Disinfecting

Many people are concerned about the Covid-19 situation and other viruses as well being in their homes or businesses. We understand your concerns and will do our very best to try to make sure your home is not only clean, but Disinfected too!

With this add-on service, we use Hydrogen peroxide before cleaning any surface (2 layer cleaning), which is a powerful disinfectant that will kill bacteria like staph and viruses like the novel COVID-19 virus, H1N1 virus, SARS and corona virus. This makes it a great disinfectant. To get the most disinfecting power, look for 3-6% hydrogen peroxide solution for making your all-purpose cleaner. It also does not smell as strong and is safer for kids and animals too.

How Does this Differ from Regular cleaning?

We focus most of the time on wiping down surfaces that people touch on a regular basis like light switches, door knobs, handles, TV remotes, Counters, etc. Something that we may not wipe down (unless asked) is Ceiling fans blades but we would wipe the pull cords.

While booking your cleaning, you can simply add it to any cleaning for an additional $199 only!

Corona Virus House Cleaning – Covid 19 House Cleaning – Covid 19 Disinfecting Service

Corona Virus Cleaning for Businesses – Covid 19 Business Cleaning – Covid 19 Disinfecting Service for Companies

How it Works!

Only $49 per man hour!!

  1. First we have you choose your Room Priority Rank since we only work room to room
  2. Second we have you select which rooms you want General or Deep cleaned (the more rooms you want deep cleaned, the more time you should anticipate)  This form is what you see below.
  3. Third we let you choose which Mode you want – Firm or Flex
  4. Finally, print the Room Priority checklist and have it ready for the cleaning crew arrives
  5. If we need more time they will call you to advise

Before & After Pics!

Check out these before & after Deep clean pics from our crew!   (above is stained concrete)