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Consulting Terms

Terms & Conditions 

  1. You understand and agree that we are not selling a Franchise or Business Opportunity of any kind
  2. Our services consists of 3 main areas only:
    • a) Website Design & Hosting
    • b) Online Search Advertising
    • c) Consulting Services
  3. Your monthly hosting fee covers the support, advertising and consulting all in one
  4. We make no guarantees or promises of what you can or will earn with our 3 services
  5. There are 2 “website hosting modes”: Flat fee or Pay-per-call/order” aka FF or PPCO mode.
  6. If you choose the PPCO mode, you will have access to our call tracking system to view all calls as well
  7. [PPCO Mode only] If an Order or Call is outside your main marketing area, just let us know and we can credit this
  8. You cannot switch between hosting modes mid-month
  9. You are not required to use our company name or logo on any of your materials or website
  10. You must keep your hosting/advertising monthly account funded at all times with at least $500 minimum
  11. If your hosting account is not paid on time, we reserve the right to route calls/orders to other cleaning companies in your area
  12. If you cancel your hosting/advertising monthly service or non-payment, the website and all of it’s contents will be taken offline and no consulting services of any kind will be provided until account is paid
  13. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your cleaning website to be fully live
  14. No refunds
  15. The website cannot be resold and taken off our servers or given to a 3rd party unless you pay a buy out fee of $1500 and all of our logo’s must be taken off the website
  16. We do not have marketing territories so you are free to take all orders from anywhere
  17. [PPCO Mode only] You are not allowed to turn off “online booking” feature for your customers on this mode
  18. [PPCO Mode only] We must have call tracking enabled on your website for this mode at all times
  19. We do not offer appointment software and/or appointment software support but instead refer you to the best 2 that we recommend and have used.