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Create Map Listing

Welcome to Squeaky Clean House.com!

Below, you can create your FREE (normally $49) Google Maps (now called Google Places) listing using our website and toll free # – we take care of all the bookings and phone calls so you can focus on cleaning!

  • This will help us get you additional jobs in a 5-10 mile radius around your home!
  • It only takes about 3 minutes to do and and 1 week to be rolling too.
  • You will receive a Postcard in the mail in one week w/ pin # on it
  • You can also elect to turn on the paid ads as well (Boost explained below)

Here is an example of where these “place or maps” pages will show up on Google:


To get started with the Free Google maps listing, simply click the “watch now” button below…

Aside from the free map listing, we now offer a new Co-Op Program called Boost!

With Boost, we do PAID ads on Google’s network that show up before and after the Map/Places listings, allowing you to get even more jobs!

Benefits for You:

  • they can cover a HUGE area – as many Cities as you like!
  • It is only $25 (or 10% whichever is higher) per job, which we take out of your pay.
  • You pay NOTHING upfront!  Zero up front risk on you!
  • This allows for you to increase the # of possible new jobs in your area by 300%
  • This allows us to be able to afford to make you more busy!  It costs us about $50-$75 to get 1 new customer.  By us splitting this costs with you, it provides a win-win for both of us!

To get started for FREE, simply click the watch now button below…