Flex Plans Explained


With SCH, all plans come automatically with our “flex” system built into the pricing and time we are at a home.

With flex, we simply double your base man hours to create a “Range of Time” to work with while also staying within your budget range too!


So, let’s look at some examples –

  • if you bought 3 man hours — your flex cap would be 6 man hours
  • if you bought 4 man hours — your flex cap would be 8 man hours
  • if you bought 10 man hours — your flex cap would be 20 man hours

So, using the 3 man hours example, if we were at your home for 5 man hours, we would pro-rate the charge (rounded up to nearest minute) accordingly.  But we would not go over the 6 man hours unless we got permission first from you.

It is important to note that if you choose FIRM mode at sign up and then change your mind to add more hours after we arrive, you may not be able to extend the time if the cleaners have another appointment after yours.   The main purpose of FIRM mode is for those that are on a VERY strict budget and want us to clean as much as we can for that budget amount, not that it guarantees we do everything you need done within your budget.