French Maid Service Terms

This is Legal

Squeaky Clean does not provide any form of stripper, escort, prostitution service, massage service, or illegal activity and abides by a strict NO TOUCHING POLICY by the maid and the client. Squeaky Clean is strictly a service connecting local clients with local maids.


Any attempt to exchange money for illegal activities is not permitted/ illegal. No rude conduct, suggestions or harassment is allowed while the Maid is present. At all times treat our maids with respect – nothing less. All Maids reserve the right to leave immediately if any of these rules are violated and you will not be refunded.


Local Laws

 All clients will comply with local laws and ordinances in regards to nudity. All window blinds must remain closed if applicable in your community. No outside nudity whatsoever!

No Minors 

To book and be present for all Maid Services all those present must be 18
 of age or older. No tasks will be performed in front of minors. If minors are present, the Maid will leave and your money will not be refunded.


No Photography 

NO Photography and hidden recording devices are strictly prohibited.


No Pets

 Please keep all pets secured away while maids
are present. If pets are not secured, the Maid will
leave and no refund will be given.


Don’t Drink / No Drugs

While it is perfectly acceptable to have a drink or two, we ask that you do not drink excessively while the Maid is present. If a client becomes belligerent or harassing, the Maid will leave an a refund will not be given.



Clients must supply all cleaning
product requirements.​ 


Gratuities are accepted by all maids. Gratuities are 100% property of the maids.


Personal Information

Client must produce valid photo ID.
Never ask the Maid for their contact information. Never give out your contact


Dress Code

Clients must be fully dressed while our Maids are present.


Services Offered

Squeaky Clean offers cleaning and hostess services to clients on behalf of the maids. All maids are independent contractors and reserve the right to not accept a client by whatever reason they deem necessary.


Booking Minimum

A minimum of 2 hours must be booked.



 Cancellation from a client is allowed within the 1st 24 hours. Squeaky Clean reserves the right to cancel any and all appointments for whatever reason we deem necessary.



 Client must ensure safety and provide safe work environment for the maids. If rules are broken at anytime or Maids feel threatened, Maid reserves the right to leave immediately and there will be no refund issued

Use of all of our services constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions.

​*These terms must be accepted for services to be performed. By proceeding with the booking form, you acknowledge that you have read all terms and agree fully.