Get Ready for your Hoarding Clean Out

Thank you for Booking with us!

  1. If you have not sent us your Photos or Video of your Rooms and/or Yard, you can do so below:
  2. You can also Text them to 405.259.5450 as well

Hoarding Cleanout Terms

  • We will do a Pre-auth / Hold on the credit card on file for the “estimated” amount
  • All Hoarding clean outs have a 1-week Cancelation policy or $250 fee applies (this is due to the man power we have to reserve in advance)
  • We ask that in order for our crews to move fast, that you have items that you DON’T want us to throw away, either marked or placed in a safe area to prevent something of value being thrown away.  We cannot be held responsible for items thrown away.  
  • We ask that someone be home to inspect our crew’s Quality AND Speed “room to room” as they work and text our crew leader your approval of each room:
    • The exception to this is if a client pre-pays the estimated man-hours using Cash App or Zelle, they do not have to be home during the cleaning
  • If the cleaning rolls over into the next day, you agree to pay for the Man Hours done on Day # 1 via Cash App or Zelle before the work begins on the 2nd day.
  • We do not guarantee that all hoarding work will be able to be done in the # of man-hours you selected.  We “estimate” a home your size will need approximately XYZ man-hours of Hoarding clean up based on national averages, but this is just an estimate only.  
  • We will need driveway or yard access on delivery day to place the Dumpster in
  • All Dumpster Rentals and/or add-on products other than Hoarding clean out or Deep clean man-hours, will be sent a Cash App or Zelle payment request to be paid asap to reserve and/or purchase and ship those items to either your home or to our crews
  • If you do not want us to purchase the add-on items, we ask that you have them ready to go prior to us showing up for your cleaning.