Get Ready for Your Hoarding Clean Out

  1. If you have not sent us your Photos or Video of your Rooms and/or Yard, you can do so below:

Below is our Terms for Hoarding Clean Outs:

  • We will do a Pre-auth / Hold on the credit card on file for the “estimated” amount
  • All Hoarding cleanouts have a 1 week Cancelation policy or $250 fee applies (this is due to the man power we have to reserve in advance)
  • We ask that in order for our crews to move fast, that you have items that you DON’T want us to throw away, either marked or placed in a safe area to prevent something of value being thrown away. We cannot be held responsible for items thrown away.
    We ask that someone be home to inspect our crews Quality AND Speed “room to room” as they work and cannot guarantee the service if nobody can be home to do this.
    If the cleaning rolls over into the next day, you agree to pay for the Man Hours done on Day # 1 via Venmo before the work begins on the 2nd day.
    We do not guarantee that all Hoarding work will be able to be done in the # of man hours you selected. We “estimate” a home your size will need approximately xyz man hours of Hoarding clean up based on national averages but this is just an estimate only.
    The only supplies we ask our Customers to provide are Contractor Strength trash bags for the crews. These can be found at Lowes or Home Depot for about $20-$30
    If you do not Add on the Dumpster Rental or if we cannot find one that services your area, we ask that you have a specific area like the Garage or Backyard ready for the trash bags, junk and/or Furniture to be stored at and out of our crews way so they can get to everything quickly.
    If the home has any biting bugs like fleas or spiders, we ask that the home be “flea bombed” about 48 hours before we start
    You agree to have running water & electric (heat & air) to the home turned on

  • Deep Cleaning (optional but Highly recommended)
  • We usually recommend all Hoarding Clean out customers get a Deep Clean AFTER we are done decluttering.
  • This is a separate service and quote from the Hoarding Clean Out. Sometimes it can be a totally different crew too.
  • You can either set them up on our sister site, let us know and we set it up manually on our end or book it at the same time you book the Hoarding Clean Up too on
  • Inside Oven, Inside Fridge & Interior Windows is an Additional $35 each if needed
  • We will need 72 hours lead time notice to book this service if you decide to add it
  • We ask that all customers have our Room Priority Checklist completed below before our cleaning crew arrives to make the process as smooth as possible:
  • Be sure to read our “How it Works” page for more details!

  • Dumpster Rental / Trash Haul Off Service (optional)
  • The $499 is the estimated price.
  • We will let you know if it changes and the amount after you book your job online
  • Includes large items like Couch, Love Seat, Beds, and bags of Trash too
  • We will need driveway or yard access on delivery day to place the Dumpster in
  • You will have the dumpster for 8 days if you need us to leave it in your yard for other projects, just let us know.