Groupon Problems

Did you know that a very good % of small businesses running a deal on Groupon or Living Social have had to shut their doors?

It’s not Groupon’s fault.  Typically, the business owner does not think it through enough or space out the redemption process.  The result?  They pay out more in payroll or food costs than they get in from Groupon.  As they say, cash is king.

Here are some articles about this:

Here at Squeaky Clean House, we have set up some precautionary measures to help insure this does not happen to us.  Since the business owner only gets 50% of what you paid Groupon (and not all at once), it is obvious that we do not make any money on these vouchers.  We usually break even or lose money.  But we understand this and know that it is all about marketing.  But the key is that we have to manage this process carefully.

So, we have to attempt to spread them out or make them no more than 30% of our weekly bookings.

The good news – In an attempt to help you book your voucher sooner, you can either sign up for recurring service or add on deep clean services to your appointment.

Just call us and we can usually get you on calendar in 1 – 2 weeks out!