Hourly Cleanings

Our normal and preferred mode is the Per Room concept, which includes our General Clean Checklist and optional deep clean add-ons here.

However, sometimes people want to be able to control the situation more or custom build it to fit their exact needs.  We understand!  So, we have created an Hourly Mode just for you!

Here is how it works:

  1. It is $35-$45 per hour, per cleaner (our cleaners are trained, background checked, and bonded)
  2. Billing is rounded in 5 minute increments
  3. Minimum of 2 hours required to come out
  4. You must be present 1st cleaning to explain what is needed and approve the job before leaving.  (this is only for the 1st cleaning)
  5. We must have a credit card on file
  6. The 1st cleaning might give us an idea as to what your future recurring charges might be, but could always differ depending on what you need us to do or the speed/detail of the cleaners at that time
  7. We will discuss your cleaning chores with you to help you determine how many cleaners you may need and how many hours it might take.
  8. Start time will be either Morning around 9-10 or afternoon around 12-2
  9. With this mode, you can pick General or Deep cleans to be done!

Call our home office at 405-513-8737 to get an estimate today!