How It Works

  1. You book your house cleaning Online below using our Estimated Price Chart for the # of Man hours you need 
  2. You are welcome to book less than the chart shows but just keep in mind that we may not be able to finish all of the rooms or items you need done!
  3. We clean items listed on our checklist here
  4. We clean Room to Room in this Order (unless otherwise told a different order):
    • Kitchen
    • Bathrooms
    • Living Areas
    • Bedrooms

5. When booking we do ask for a valid credit card to hold your spot, which means we do a Pre-authorization on the card for the Estimated Amount. (this is similar to how Hotels do it when booking a Room)

6. When your clean is over, we prefer to send you an Invoice via Cash App, Google Pay, FaceBook Payments or Venmo for you to pay and then we release the hold on the card. The main difference is that we offer a Discount of about $5 to $10 off per Man Hour if using the above payment methods. So, say your cleaning was 6 man hours, that is a Savings of $30.  

7. DO NOT PAY the cleaners since they are not approved to take cash or credit cards in the field.

      • You can find our Venmo/Cash ap user IDs on this page

8.  You simply choose which Payment & Guarantee Mode you prefer from these two below:       

    • Post-Pay Option – You (customer on card only) must be home to inspect our cleaning crews Room to Room as they work
      • post pay but we do a Temporary hold/pre-auth on your credit card/debit card to verify funds then you can pay final invoice with card or Venmo when we are done.
      • If ANY issue arises with Quality or Speed while you are inspecting our crews Room to Room, you need to a) let us know instantly @ 405.259.5450 via TEXT ONLY so we can fix it and b) inform your cleaner(s) to stop until we can fix the issue.  If A AND B are not done, we do not Guarantee the service.  
    • Pre-pay Option (New) – You do NOT need to be home to inspect our cleaning crews room to room!  
      • We will send you a Venmo, Cash ap, Facebook payment request or Zelle payment request to be PRE-PAID before we clean.
      • You can book it now using a card and we will send you the Venmo/Cashap payment request prior to your cleaning appointment. 
      • With this Option, you can also elect that we send you Before/After Pics at no additional cost before we leave!
      • 100% Guaranteed money back if we do not show up for any reason. The quality cannot be guaranteed if the payor is not home.  If you want that part guaranteed, you will need to be home during the entire cleaning 
    • NOTE:  both options still require a debit/credit card to pre-authorize/temporary hold on for the estimated amount but we do not “capture” those funds until your cleaning is over and you decide if you want to use the card or Cashaps. If you choose pre-paid, once that is done, we remove this hold.  

9. We prefer to use your Vacuum and Cleaning supplies (but not required) due to Covid-19 issues and we allow you to check this off on your Booking as well. So we DO provide the basic cleaning supplies and equipment for General & Deep Cleans at this time but it is subject to change depending on the Pandemic crisis.

10. Arrival time is usually 8 to 10 AM window. We have the crew leader try to contact you the night before to confirm home access as well.

11. We ‘try’ to send 2 cleaners when a customer books more than 7 man hours.  Keep in mind that if you book 7 man hours and we send 2 cleaners, the amount of time they should be cleaning is 3.5 real hours. But our service is charged by the “man hours” or “labor hours” worked.  So 1 cleaner working at your home for 7 hours is the same cost as if we had 3 there for only 2.33 hours. 

Finally, if you have not booked yet, you can do so by going here below…