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What is a Referral Agency?

“Domestic Referral Agencies minimize the consumer’s costs while maximizing the worker’s income by outsourcing jobs to independent domestic workers who are registered under contract with the referral agencies.”

“The Domestic workers work to their own schedule, utilize their own acquired knowledge to complete jobs and provide their own transportation. Depending on the needs of the Customer, supplies and equipment are provided by either the customer or the worker. The workers provide professional domestic services, as requested by the customer, at the lowest possible cost. ”

California Coalition of Domestic Referral Agencies


How it Works

Step 1: Apply

Use our online preliminary application to let us know you want to work with us and showcase your qualifications.

Step 2: Interview

You’ll be contacted within a couple days. If you have what we’re looking for, we will schedule an phone interview that takes 15-30 minutes. You get an email with the pay breakdown & formal job application to fill out and bring to your interview. We will ask you to choose the cities you want to work in, the types of cleaning you want to perform and your schedule availability. You choose!

Step 3: Voluntary Phone/Facebook Video Conference Orientation

After the interview, we’ll do the reference screening and background check. Once those have cleared, you’ll be invited back for a voluntary orientation within a few days to learn about how to work with our agency. This orientation takes 30-45 minutes.

Step 4: Receive Job Offers

You’ll start to receive job offers via text/email with the necessary information: when, where, how long the job should take and who the customer is. You can accept or decline each job. Work as much or as little as you would like.

Step 5: Clean Homes

You show up to the home location with your own supplies & equipment and clean the home based on the client’s requested tasks. You can request for more time with the client if the budgeted time is not enough to get the job done properly.

Step 6: Get Paid

You’ll get direct deposit on a weekly basis for all the paid jobs you completed the week before. You will also receive a weekly report showing each job, the total amount client paid and the amount you will receive as a part of your fee settlement based on a percentage or hourly rate of the job fee. No taxes will be withheld from your payment. At the end of the year, you will receive a 1099 tax form to complete.

Step 7: Boost Program: Get even more bookings! (optional)

With Boost, we do paid ads on Google in a 15-30 mile radius around your house in an attempt to get our best cleaners even more bookings!  Click here to learn more.  You must first fill out our General application below & be approved before you can use Boost+ Program.  If you are NOT approved as a vendor, you can still apply to do our Boost Basic program.


Benefits to Cleaners

  1. Flexibility with scheduling. Except only the jobs that fit in your schedule so you can tend to the things that matter the most to you.
  2. Choice of clients. You have the full ability to decline working with any clients for any reason.
  3. Representation. You are supported by Squeaky Clean House office staff to answer customer questions and schedule changes, allowing you the time to do what they do best: clean!
  4. Pay: Starting pay is $20 per hour and if you are good, could go as high as $25 per hour.  Don’t believe us?  We can have you call some of our current cleaners and speak to them after you pass our qualification process.  You have the ability to earn a much higher income compared to working on your own (with not enough clients) or working with a national cleaning company (with not enough income).
  5. Freedom: Most business owners have to worry about all aspects of their business. Cleaners who work with Squeaky Clean House only have to worry about their cleaning supplies, getting to and from jobs, and completing the cleanings. We take care of the rest with phone and online bookings, scheduling, payment, tax forms, etc.

Benefits to Clients

  1. Security of knowing that all cleaners have been screened & vetted
  2. Consistency of quality with the same cleaners coming back each visit (unless you request a new match)
  3. Flexibility of choosing to be matched with a different cleaner for any reason
  4. Save up to 40% compared to other cleaning companies
  5. Convenience of customer online portal


Feel free to call us with any questions at 405-585-7601