Money Back Guarantee

Terms for House Cleaning Leads:

1) you must record all calls in case we need to hear them. [click here for app to download to do this.]

2) your call (not email only) to the customer must occur within 5 mins of receiving the leads

3) your voicemail is setup professionally with Biz or DBA name (not just your name or no name) and not full

4) you must keep track and be OK showing us what the customer paid you for services

5) if customer did not pay for services, the issue was not poor cleaning related

6) all requests for this Guarantee must be turned in to us within 60 Days of receiving the leads here

7) Money back guarantee is not the same as our bad leads returns for credit policy, which is below

You can request CREDIT for a lead if it:

  1. Is not your industry
  2. Outside your area
  3. Phone Disconnected
  4. Does not speak English
  5. Not an Adult

Reasons we do NOT accept leads returns for credit are:

    1. They didn’t sign up or book with you
    2. Thought you were too expensive
    3. You took too long to call them back
    4. Already booked with someone else
    5. Don’t return your calls
    6. Cancel an already booked appointment
    7. Needs service too soon and you are booked up

Note: if your issue is one of filters like bigger jobs only or only neighborhoods etc we may be able to do this, but all filters require a higher cost per lead so keep this in mind!  If you are having this issue, please call us to discuss it at 855-550-4045.


All leads returns or requests for Money Back Guarantee or Lead Credits are to be emailed to:



Please allow 1 week for processing of all leads returns and credits