Money Back Guarantee

We provide 2 Payment Options:

  • Post-Pay Option – With this option the card holder must be home the ENTIRE TIME to inspect our cleaning crew Room-to-Room, as they clean. 
    • We do a Temporary hold on your card for the “estimated amount” but then let you decide if you want to pay your final invoice with card on file or Venmo/Cashap. 
    • You simply ‘sign off’ on each room as the cleaners work through your home room to room!  This process helps insure you are happy with your cleaning too.


  • Pre-Pay OptionWith this option, you will still need to use a good card to book online but you do NOT NEED TO BE HOME during the cleaning. 
    • We will send you a payment request to be paid prior to your cleaning.
    • If you would like, you can request your cleaner text you before/after pics of the cleaning too.
    • 100% Money Back Guarantee if we cannot make it out for any reason!