New Homeowner Leads / Referrals Program

New Homeowner Leads are some of the Highest converting leads a company can obtain!  These are people new to YOUR area that are typically looking for ALL KINDS of new services and companies THAT THEY CAN TRUST! 

And even better, they typically are in the mind set to BUY NOW!  You can’t ask for a better prospective customer than this. 

Lead Types we offer are as follows:

  • New Pest Control Service
  • New TV / Internet Service
  • New Lawn Care Service
  • New Window Cleaning Service
  • New Storm Shelter / Tornado Service
  • New Home Security System
  • New Home Owners Insurance
  • New Carpet Cleaning
  • Painting Leads
  • Plumber Leads
  • If you do not see your niche here, we can always create one for you too!

ALL of our leads are Exclusive to only 1 company in any 1 niche.

All of our leads are new and we send them straight to you once we finish cleaning their home and KNOW THEY ARE HAPPY WITH OUR SERVICE FIRST!

This is critical because there is no better referral than once that comes from a business that they already trust! 

How it Works?

It’s important to note that our program is not like most of the leads portals you see on Angies List or Home Advisor.  Those companies are Leads Companies.  We are Not.  We are a House Cleaning Company instead.  Big difference!  

  1. Most of the jobs we do are Move N Deep Cleanings for home owners just moving to the area.
  2. After we finish cleaning their home, we send you their info so you can call them on our behalf as a partner to see if they would be interested in YOUR services too. 
  3. So, our program is not just leads but referrals from a company they just used and was happy about our services.
  4. Our leads are NOT New Homeowner LISTS either.  

Studies show that referrals from one TRUSTED business to another have a much higher odds of converting to closed sales!  

Suggested Sales Script

“Hi this is Alex with Lawn Care USA and Kurt over at said that they finished a Deep cleaning for you guys recently and that you guys might be interested in knowing more about our services since you are new to the area.  We are a preferred partner of and can offer you guys a special too…”

[insert your normal sales script here]

New Home Owners Leads Pricing


  • All of our Leads/Referrals are simply $20 each 
  • We simply require a card on file with a Monthly Max of leads you want
  • We are a VERY low volume source, which means they are a Higher Quality leads