How It Works



1)  We provide the cleaning supplies! 

2)  We provide the expert cleaning crew!

3)  We provide the experience – been doing this since 2012!

4)  We provide the simple hourly rate ($37) & online booking to make this fast & easy for you!  View Payment Options here

5)  We provide a 100% Money-Back Guarantee if you are not happy!  

6)  The Date you need is not available below?   No problem! We now provide customers a way to Book Same Day, Emergency or last minute cleanings using our ‘ASAP Date‘ add-on for only $77.   View more about this Add-On here


After you book, we send you an e-Invoice to add a card, but we only authorize it, and you pay AFTER your cleaning is complete.


  • Home Square Feet = 1000 or less >  2 hours of cleaning ($74)
  • Home Square Feet = 1001 to 1500 >  3 hours of cleaning ($111)
  • Home Square Feet = 1501 to 2000 >  4 hours of cleaning ($148)
  • Home Square Feet = 2001 to 2500 >  5 hours of cleaning ($185)
  • Home Square Feet = 2501 to 3000 >  6 hours of cleaning ($222)
  • Home Square Feet = 3001 to 3500 >  7 hours of cleaning ($259)
  • Home Square Feet = 3501 to 4000 >  8 hours of cleaning ($296)
  • Home Square Feet = 4001 to 4500 >  9 hours of cleaning ($333)
  • Home Square Feet = 4501 to 5000 >  10 hours of cleaning ($370)
  • Home Square Feet = 5001 to 5500 >  11 hours of cleaning ($407)
  • Home Square Feet = 5501 to 6000 >  12 hours of cleaning ($444)

For example, if you booked 10 man-hours at $370, that could be 2 cleaners for 5 hours.  Keep in mind the estimated pricing chart is estimated and if your home is more of a Deep Clean or Move-out clean, we recommend adding about 30% more hours just to be safe.

To book this cleaning, simply adjust the hours above, then pick your Date & Time below…

Payment Options

We break this up into 2 camps per say:   Those that will be home during the cleaning and those that will not be home….

  • CANNOT BE HOME:    You must pre-pay for your cleaning via CashApp or Zelle at least 72 hours prior to your clean date.  If for some reason we cannot make it out due to inclement weather etc, we will send you a full refund!
  • CAN BE HOME:    You have more flexibility and can pay using a Card, CashApp or Zelle.  If you prefer to use a Card, we simply will have you add your card info on file so we can place a temporary hold on it for the Estimated amount of your cleaning.  Then, when your cleaning is over, we can either capture the amount on your card or use CashApp or Zelle.   Any client in any situation gets a 10% discount if using CashApp or Zelle.

    Also, if you are home during the cleaning, we simply ask that you approve each room with your cleaner(s) via text (in writing) before they move to the next room.  This helps us a lot when we are training them at the home office too! 

    ** The only exception to the above is if you added our ‘ASAP Date‘ add-on, which allows you to try to skip ahead to a sooner date.  If you add this, we will send you our CashApp / Zelle info so this can be paid fast so we can get on this request asap.