Squeaky Clean House Policies/Terms

Thank you for picking Squeaky Clean House to serve your house cleaning needs! We thank you for allowing us the opportunity to service your home. Please be assured that we guarantee our best to give you our utmost quality of service. Below you will find some policies and procedures that will help better your experience with Squeaky Clean house.

  1. We are first and foremost a ‘House Cleaning Referral Agency‘ and attempt to match you up with house cleaners in your area based on the information you provided on your quote form.
  2. Secondly, we also allow our customers to book with us directly so you do not have to mess with all the quote comparisons and shopping.  Our “in house” per hour prices will typically be higher ($39+ per hour) than most of our approved vendors because we are Insured, Bonded, accept credit cards and are saving you time as well.
  3. If you choose to use one of our Recommend Vendor Cleaners versus us directly, you will need to know how they do things and charge you per hour or a flat fee.

Policies and Procedures

Arrival Time: Please allow our cleaners the flexibility of scheduling our arrival time on your cleaning day. We will make every effort to accommodate an a.m. (arriving 9-1) or p.m. (arriving 12-3) schedule. First time slots are only open to weekly and bi-weekly customers, otherwise they will be filled as we have openings. We CAN NOT guarantee any times, except if you are in a first time slot. We will, to the best of our ability, try to stay in a time frame that is given to you during courtesy call reminders.

Method of Entry: Please make sure your home is accessible to us. If you have a security alarm, please leave it in the “OFF” position or provide us with the code (before the day of your appointment) to turn the alarm off or reset it when we leave. We are not responsible for any alarm problems such as but is not limited to changing of the code with no notice to our office, failure to turn an alarm off that morning, etc, that may arise when we enter or exit a home.  You can purchase a lock box from us for $20 as well.  We do not keep keys in our office any longer for your protection.  If we have a key or alarm code for entry on file, we do not call on our way.

Cancellations, Reschedules, Lock Outs, & No Shows for cleaning:

  • A $25 per man hour minimum fee applies to all lock-outs and cancellations within 48 hours or less
  • Example – if you have a 6 man hour appointment and cancel it under 48 biz hours, that would be $25 x 6 = $150 fee.  Typically, this would mean that 2 cleaners lost out on a 3 hour job and someone else could have taken this spot.
  • The above is not enforced during inclement weather situations and we use local school closings as the factor in determining this
  • In the event the card on file declines for the deposit, we reserve the right to fill that spot with another customer
  • The above is not enforced if it is our fault and cannot make it to your appointment for any reason

Hazardous Materials or Conditions: To protect our cleaners, we CAN NOT and WILL NOT clean blood, vomit, animal waste, mice feces, roach feces, human waste, or litter boxes (toxoplasmosis). We will also not clean any home that has any type of insect or animal infestations, such as but is not limited to: flees, roaches, spiders, or bed bugs.

We also require that all homes have proper AC, Heat, electric, and running water or we reserve the right to charge our lock out fees and not clean until conditions are met.

Irreplaceable, Valuable or Sentimental Items: We will treat your home with as much care as if it were our own. If you have an item that is valuable or irreplaceable, please notify the office so we can place it on the work order for us not to clean/touch. Our preference is not to take the risk of damaging your valuables. Please have all cash, jewelry or any other valuables in a secure place. If the item is easily breakable and is NOT either tied down or put away before we clean, we cannot be held responsible for any breakage.

Customer Feedback: Our customers are our best thermometer in gauging our quality. Your home is very important to us and we value your opinion. If you are ever not happy with the cleaning, we ask that you contact the office at 855-550-4045, within 24 hours, so we can send out the team that was there to fix what they missed or upon your request send out our quality control team to meet your needs. If you are home and we do a walk through of the home before leaving and no issues are brought up then, we do not come back out for free.  We can come back out for an additional charge if you find issues after we do a walk through with you.

We do not provide monetary refunds, but please be assured you will get what you paid for, a great and thorough cleaning. We also have a bonus program for our cleaners. If they do a great job for you and you call the office and let us know, we will give them a bonus!! We also run monthly competitions, giving our cleaners another reason to go over and above.

Priority Deep or Basic cleanings: You will receive an email for a form that you fill out specifying what specifically you would like the girls to clean, the order you would like them to clean in, and how much time you would like for them to work. The team will work down your specific list until either the list is complete or until the time is up whichever comes first. If the priority list is not finished in the time that was allotted for the team, it will be the customer’s responsibility to pay for more time for them to finish the list. Remember if you have two people and need them to stay in your home for an hour that will be 2 man hours worth of work that will be charged.

Supplies and Equipment: Squeaky Clean House will provide all “basic” supplies that the cleaners need to properly clean your home. We do not provide harsh chemicals or any special chemicals such as stainless steal cleaners, granite cleaners/polishers, wood floor cleaners and the special mops required when using those products, feather dusters, etc. If a customer would like any products used other than what we provide, the customer will need to provide it and leave it sitting out for them to use each time or the girls will use what has been provided for them. Any areas requiring ladders must be provided by the customer and must be secure and safe for them to use. Our cleaners are not allowed to go up a ladder more than 3 steps high.  Keep in mind if the team cleans your home with the chemicals that Squeaky Clean House provides and then has to go back over the same area with a chemical that is provided by the customer, the customer will be solely responsible for the extra time it takes for them to clean the area twice.  Our general cleaning agents for our Basic cleans are Meyer’s, which are non-toxic and kids/animal safe to use.  Even though we DO provide vacuum at no extra fee, we also require that all homes (occupied) have their own vacuum (for backup in case needed) for our quality guarantee to be applied. If a home has a vacuum present, our cleaners are instructed to use it first. It is our policy to use the customers chemicals first and ours second if we do notice chemicals on the property.

Courtesy Calls: It will be up to the customer to make sure that the email & number that we put on file is correct and current. If Squeaky Clean House is not able to leave a message on the number that is provided for courtesy call reminders, we will text and email you, and even try the other numbers listed on your account. Squeaky Clean House will not be responsible for any customer that has not checked their messages; therefore making the customer solely responsible for the lock out fee if we can not service your home due to messages that have not been received, we have tried to reach you every way that we can.

Firm / Flex Modes explained:

Firm – you buy exact # of of hours you prefer and we do what we can in that amount of time based on your priority.  We cannot guarantee you we get done any specific items or tasks with this mode.  Example – If you signed up for 4 hours, your Flex Cap is up to 6 hours.

Flex – we simply double your base man hours to create a “Range of Time” within your budget to stay and get the job done.  It is pro-rated to the minute and charged to credit card based on how many total man hours we took to finish all tasks.  We highly recommend this mode if it is your first cleaning, a vacant home or if any construction was done.  This is our most mode plan by far.

**It is your responsibility to make sure our Priority checklist is filled out and left on counter for the cleaners to read day of cleanings.  Failure to have this ready in advance of your cleaning, means we do not consider complaints not count these against the cleaners reviews.  If this checklist is not ready, we will clean in our default mode, which is a General/Basic clean only and the order of: bathrooms, kitchen, living area and bathrooms until time is expired.

Special Requests: Would you like us to start your laundry, clean out the fridge or other special requests? We will be happy to add it to your work order and customize your clean for you. Just call the office, prior to the day of your visit.

Certified Contractors Only:

As a ‘House Cleaning Referral Agency’, we use a network of carefully screened independent house cleaners (contractors) and therefore do not guarantee that they are Bonded or Insured at all times.  We do not keep up with the background checks annually since many items do not always show up nor give us a true nature of a cleaners personality, character or ability to clean.  Instead, we have found that a better and more valid approach is to look at their Reviews and/or past and current customers and references.  We have found that there is usually no better way to screen people than References and obtaining proof that they are currently working for others as well and that they do a great job for a consistent period of time!

Customer Service:

If you have last minute urgent details that you need to get to your cleaner(s) because you will not be in the home, we allow you to contact your assigned cleaners directly if needed in an attempt to speed up the bottle neck process of phone tag and voice mails getting lost in translation.

In addition to this, we provide you with a My Account area where the majority of issues are to be sent to us versus via phone, which can be slow and inefficient.

Remodel / New Construction Cleans:

We require before we start one of these Deep cleans that ALL construction be completed before we clean. We also recommend that we be given 2 days to possibly get everything done to your liking.  Our guarantee does not apply if you have construction crews or many people in and out of home during or just after our cleaning.

Limits of Liability

If a move in/out cleaning, please be sure that all moving is done prior to us arriving and the home is ready to clean.  If we arrive and you have other services being done, furniture still there or remodel crews still present, we do not guarantee the cleaning in these situations.  Please schedule there prior to your cleaning if possible!

If for any reason (bad weather, car issues, overbooking, etc) we are unable to show up for your scheduled cleaning, we can and will refund the money you paid but are not liable for any additional fees that you may have incurred due to this inconvenience.  Additionally. it is your responsibility to make sure you have enough buffer time between the cleaning and any move in or move out dates as well.  We recommend allowing 48 to 72 hours for this reason.   We do not require that you continue to use us or that you must reschedule the appointment if this occurs, but will gladly refund any monies you have paid within 24 hours of the missed appointment and for the inconvenience if you so wish.

We reserve the right to not conduct business with anyone and for any reason.  Our cleaners have the right to not go back to your home if they so chose.  In the event that either one of these issues occur and we have collected money in advance, all money collected will be refunded.

We are not required to divulge to any customer why a cleaner could not make their appointment or discuss their personal life issues with customers.

If we feel that a customer will be too violent or treat our cleaners poorly, we have the right to not send cleaners out.  If this occurs, we will gladly refund your money paid within 24 hours.

Cleaning Speed:

Since we clean by the man hour versus a flat fee, the issue of how fast or slow our cleaners are will come into play.  We DO NOT guarantee that they move at a particular speed or that our cleaners move at your desired speed.  One reason is because if we were to clean too fast, it could affect the QUALITY of your cleaning or a customer could then claim we were moving too fast and not doing a good job with the detail of the work.

Therefore, we ask that all first time customers or move-in/move-out customers be home during your cleaning or at least be home in the beginning to monitor our speed before leaving.  We also ask that the customer be home to do a walk through of the home before we leave to make sure it meets your satisfaction and to determine if you need to add more man hours to complete a job.  If a customer chooses to not be home, then our guarantee does not go into effect.

Additionally, if a customer agrees to add more time (man hours) than originally booked, this means by default that you ARE HAPPY with the a) speed of the cleaners and b) quality of our cleaning we have done up to that point and would like us to continue with the cleaning.  Any time you the customer are not happy about ANY portion of the cleaning (speed or quality), it is your responsibility to tell our cleaners to stop immediately and inform us of this issue.

Quoted Price:

The price on your Online Booking Confirmation is the MINIMUM PRICE your cleaning will cost and what we require in order to hold that spot for you.  It does NOT factor in a) Deep cleaning which is an additional $10 per man hour or b) Flex mode charges, which is a cap of no more than 50% over and above your base hours if needed.

Payment: We accept Visa, Master Card or Discover. A card MUST be given at the time the job is booked. Failure to provide a card unless otherwise approved by the Owner or Manager will result in service not being scheduled for your home. The card you put on file will not be charged as long as there is a payment of check received once the job is completed. We DO NOT and WILL NOT CARRY ANY outstanding balances.

If your appointment is over 6 man hours, we reserve the right to Pre-Authorize the credit card on file for the a) minimum price + b) flex time + c) Deep cleaning charges  = Total Possible Ending price.  Once your cleaning is over, we make any adjustments needed and run a capture on those funds.

Man Hours: Instead of sending one maid out to do a job, we send out teams of 2 or more as long as the hours is 5 or more. So for example, if you are having a 10 man hour Deep Clean, we will send a team of two cleaners, who will divide that time in half and be in your home for 5 hours.