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Quality Control

Quality Assurance is VERY Important to use!

In an effort to speed up the Quality Assurance process for House cleaning that was not up to your expectations, we have implemented a Video Inspection Quality Control system that is fairly quick and simple to use.  We hope that you never need to use it but in the case you do, here is how it works:

  1. Record a short video on your phone of the issues that were not done to your satisfaction.  You can talk on the video as well. Be sure to get a close up and distant view of the items.  Move slowly as well.
  2. Upload your video to our private https://vimeo.com account and make sure your name is on the video description.  Be sure video is not over 10 mins long.
  3. Login info is:
    1. username: (you will get this once you fill out our form here)
    2. password:  (hidden)
  4. Your done!  It will notify us that someone has uploaded a new video and we will view it and talk with the cleaners assigned to determine next actions.  We will either call or email you back within 72 hours usually.  We compare your video to the Before & After video that our cleaners did while in your home and this can take a few days to evaluate.