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Below are the main house cleaning services we offer.  If you have a unique job that does not fit into these services.  Here is our Estimate Price Chart to get an idea of how many hours you may need for your house cleaning: 


We have many different cleaning agents we can use when it comes to Deep cleaning and disinfecting.  However, our main cleaning agent we use for most General cleaning is Meyer’s.

It’s very light and has a fresh smell & is safe to use around kids and animals.  Our customers love it too!


Additionally, we employ our Squeaky Clean Scent System as well!  This guarantees your home smells great for DAYS after the cleaning is over!  No Kidding.  We can’t really tell you how we do this because it’s kinda a secret and we don’t want our competitors knowing how we make your house smell so good for so long =)   We guarantee your home will smell great for at least 72 hours after your cleaning is over or we will come back out and apply it again.