Germ / Allergy Free Cleaning System

Here at Squeaky Clean House we care about your health and well being and take extra measures to avoid cross contamination of germs and allergens from pets etc from other homes to yours.


We only use disposable disinfecting wipes, and paper towels to clean with and use your personal vacuum to ensure the best cleaning experience without your neighbors dust bunnies tagging along.




No More Dirty Rags!

We use Disposable towels and/or disinfecting wipes only so there is no chance that we bring dirty towels from one home to yours!







No More Pet Hair!

We prefer to use your vacuum whenever possible so not to inadvertently transfer pet hair, dander and other allergens to your home.   We can bring a vacuum if you need us to or if the home is Vacant (no extra charge)

Types of Allergens that can be transferred home to home using rags or vacuums.