House Cleaning Plans for Corporations, Non-Profits & Universities

House Cleaning Partnerships and Corporate Rewards Plans 

As a business, non-profit or college, you need ways to attract and retain the top talent around in order to be competitive at recruiting.  One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is your benefits package or your employee incentives.

We are one of the only house cleaning companies in Oklahoma City that has a well structured, simple, and affordable house cleaning system that would add some sizzle to your benefits package and make it exciting for your employees (or company).

Since the concept of offering house cleaning to employees is a fairly new one in OKC, odds are you would be on the cutting edge of this new service and have a jump on your competitors too.

Benefits are:

  • Zero cost to the employer to set up a Employee Discount Card Plan
  • Increase the Work-Life balance of your workforce by allowing them house cleaning at a large discount.  You can also pay for it using your own corporate account too
  • Offer executives something with high value & rare (just now becoming popular)
  • Reduce turnover
  • Attract better candidates
  • Low or no maintenance on your part – full online booking makes it simple
  • Offer Rewards Cards to employees via your corporate account – great for “employee of the month” and other incentives

Workforce Recognition/Retention Programs:

  • Employee Discount Plan – With this program, your employees are given a company access code so they can book online to get the special rates
    • Optional – for a additional fee, we can have Branded discount cards printed w/ your company ID # on it so you can pass out to staff
  • Executive Advantage Plan – We set up a corporate account that allows you to purchase house cleaning at 30% off.  Your executives can call or book online using your corporate account branded interface with your logo on it too.
Corporate Partner Pricing (over 30% off retail pricing):
  • The Loft Plan: 2 Hours of House Cleaning / Every 2 Weeks – $55
  • The Cape Cod Plan: 3 Hours of House Cleaning / Every 2 Weeks – $75
  • The Colonial Plan: 4 Hours of House Cleaning / Every 2 Weeks – $89
  • The Victorian Plan: 5 Hours of House Cleaning / Every 2 Weeks – $99
For more information about this program and to see if your company, non-profit or college can qualify, contact our Marketing Director.