Start a Cleaning Business

Welcome to SCHs Clean Launch franchise alternative. Licensing & Marketing system for those that are looking to Start a new cleaning business.  Or you can add it your current cleaning business as well!

Since we have been doing this since 2012, we know a few things about how to clean houses really well and now we can teach you and provide you our system we put together over the past 12 years!

We created it to be fairly simple and affordable to get rolling fast so you can start to make $$ in your 1st month in many cases! 


So, what is Clean Launch?

  • In laymen terms, we provide you with a stand alone, local cleaning website with UP TO 2000 local sub-pages for all the Cities in your area.  If you already have a website, that is OK too because we do not touch your current website.  (most really successful biz today have more than 1 website anyways!)
  • Your CleanLaunch site also comes with a forwarding phone #, appointment booking & chat widget too
  • We pick the domain name out too so that its search engine friendly, which is important to get you as much traffic as possible.
  • We automatically include House Cleaning. Junk Removal & Hoarding Cleanout niches but you can also elect to add a Bikini Maids niche category to your site as well
  • Training materials
  • Online Booking System

How much does it Cost?

  • Setup fee is $347
  • Monthly Service/Hosting fee $97
  • Then you only pay per referral, ranging $35 to $85 each.  You only pay for results!  These qualify as referrals:
    • Estimate requests
    • Chat requests
    • Appointment requests
    • Bookings
    • Phone calls
    • Emails
    • If they are not in your area, we do not charge you for them
  • If you are short on funds and need to pause the referrals or jobs coming in, just let us know and we can route the gigs to our main website or to our other cleaning partners in your area that have higher budgets for leads.  As long as your paying your monthly service fee, your site stays up!

How much money can you make?