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Here is the process we use on all Jobs we take on ‘In house’:

Step 1:  Save this page to your phone or PC NOW!!  Don’t do anything else until you do this!   Most questions you will have WILL BE on this page!

Step 2: ALWAYS review the Work Order so you know how many man hours the customer is requesting and if any Deep Cleans are needed:

  • ⇒Read about our Firm & Flex Mode here so you understand it
  • We do our cleanings in a ‘Man Hour’ format, not a flat fee!  And we also allow you guys a lot of freedom and flexibility in terms of approving more time when a customer needs more.
Step 3: ALWAYS look for the Customers Room Priority Ranking paper before starting.  It looks like this>
  • Click Here to see it > Priority Checklist  (I recommend printing it off if you have a printer)
  • If the customer did not leave one, just use the ranking they gave us on the Work Order instead.
Step 4: Do a quick walk-through of the home and take a couple of pictures of each room and determine if you feel the tasks can be completed in the amount of time the customer signed up for.
  • If you feel the customer will need more hours, shoot them a text asking them for permission to add more time and how many more you feel they would need?  While waiting for their reply, go ahead and start cleaning.  Sometimes you may not know if they need more time until you are almost done.  Once you do realize this, send customer a text asking for permission to stay longer.
  • Our goal here to prevent you from rushing and doing a poor job.  It is OK to up-sell a customer more hours if you genuinely feel they need more time in order for you to do a GREAT job!
  • We estimate that 70% of the time, the customer agrees to add more hours, meaning YOU MAKE MORE MONEY!  It also means that the customer is happier too since you got to finish all the rooms!
Step 5:  Once done, take this General Clean Checklist (and do a walk through of home
Step 6:  Take the Priority Checklist  (and fill out by checking off which rooms you DID and DID NOT finish and adding any notes to it and a Thank you note as well.
  • Once this is filled out by you, take a picture of it
  • If the customer did not leave the paper checklist on counter, text them so they know what rooms you did not have time to finish
  • If the customer is home, ask them to do a walk through with you and they can approve of the job you did by using our Record a Voice or E-Signature options on the Post Job Report Here
  • Ask them if it is OK if you send them a text and that they reply to it that they are happy so you can show home office:
    • Example =
    • YOU: “Hi Ms Smith – can you please confirm for us that the house cleaning was completed to your satisfaction?
    • THEM: “yes the house looks amazing!  Thank you so much;)”
  • Take a screen shot of this conversation and upload it to the payroll log below in Step 6 to speed up the payment process!
Step 7: 

Since we want our clients to have a great house cleaning experience, we require that the home owner do one of the following before we leave:

    1) Walk through the home with our cleaners before our departure to a) add more time or b) approve job


    2) You text the customer after photos or video of each room via text and either a) add more time or b) sign off on them before they leave.

Photos sent to customer must include the following: sinks, tubs, showers, up close of fans, baseboards, blinds, inside fridge, inside microwave, inside oven, inside and under toilets and any other deep clean items the customer may have selected.

In either case, when you are ready to approve the job we did, all you need to do is simply have the customer to shoot a Text to either you or our Approval Line # @ 405-259-5450 by replying “I approve”.   Once we have that, we cut your pay usually the very next day!   

Step 8:

  • Fill out the Post Job Log (so you can get paid on time!
  • You can also download and/or print this entire checklist above here:  Cleaner Training Cheat Sheet (
  • If you are running late to an appointment, please take 1 minute to send them a text letting them know your estimated time of arrival.
  • Keep in mind that home office (and me) is closed on Fridays so all payroll (calls/texts) issues after this time will need to be discussed on the following Monday.
  • Pay is done on Fridays and a week behind unless it is pre-approved first on a case-by-case basis
  • If you want to be paid via www.Venmo.com, please add us as a friend using this account: https://venmo.com/squeakycleanhouse
  • Our Venmo account also shows other payments that we have made to other cleaners so you know we are a legit company that pays its cleaners!
  • If you have not yet, please make sure you have filled out our application here
  • If you need an authorization to travel to jobs for local police due to Corona-19 outbreak, click here

Step 9: If you have not claimed your FREE local maps listing with Google yet, you can do so now by clicking here.

This will take you to our step-by-step guide on how to set it up and more!


Recommended House Cleaning Supplies:

  • Low Lint Paper towels, low lint rags
  • Grout Brush
  • Scrubbing pads
  • Windex
  • Comet or Soft Scrub
  • Gloves
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Dusters or Duster pole
  • mop or flat mop
  • Lysol Wipes and here is some additional items that we highly recommend….
Our main company cleaning agent we highly recommend you use is called MEYERS Clean day (any scent) so make sure you have this if you want great reviews!

Pumice Stone for toilets and ovens

Quick shine products for extra shiny floors!

Dust pan and Brush in case Vacuum breaks

Duster Pole w/ Washable Dusters

Flat Mop w/ 3 washable pads

Liquid Gold is not only great for wood but for shining stainless steel and brass too.

Magic erasers for wall stains work great


Wall flowers scented oils from bath and body works can be added to top of door frames and ceiling fans to make the house smell even better for days after the cleaning.  We highly recommend doing this plus spraying the Meyers on carpet, drapes, and furniture very lightly to give the home a great clean smell.

About Us

Owner Curt Timsah spent over 10 years as an Information Technology & Marketing consultant before deciding to start a local house cleaning company in OKC in 2010.  After great success locally,  Curt decided to restructure the business model to that of a house cleaning “Referral Agency” and began to expand it Nationwide in 2017 using his Marketing and IT skills.

SCH now has over 100+ cleaners in many states across the USA and is just in the beginning stages of some very exciting developments to roll out in 2019.  Curt prides himself on making the house cleaning experience a more hi-tech and convenient one for both the cleaner and the customer.

Curt loves being that extra or 2nd source of income for many of the independent and entrepreneurial minded cleaners out their and this is one of the things that drives his passion daily – helping the little guy/gal succeed!