Training Area

Training area for our Cleaners:

  • You will need to have Cleaning Supplies in order to create a FREE Vendor Profile with us here
  • If you ever get lost on my website, you can simply go back to the Cleaner Hub here
  • Your pay is determined PER GIG and ranges from $20 to $40 per man hour.  Most are at $30 per hour if they are a Deep clean.
  • If you clean with an partner, than the Man Hours on the Work Order will be cut in half but your pay will be the same.  Then, you can pay them yourself. For example – if a job is 10 man hours and you have 2 cleaners, you guys would be there 5 real hours.  
  • When new jobs come in, we send you a Text of the basic info & pay so you can let us know if you want it (first come, first serve on this)
  • If you are assigned a particular job, we will Text you the Work Order, which has full address & date info and job details on it. See Sample Work Order below…
  • Here at SCH, we give our cleaners (You) the freedom to text/call the Customer the night before to introduce yourself & verify the job start time and ask any other cleaning questions you want to.
  • Note:  we ALWAYS do a Pre-auth / temp Hold on the customers credit/debit card for the “estimated amount” before you go out to protect us both! 
  • When you are headed to a particular job, be sure to do the following 2 things:
    • Text the Customer you are on your way and
    • Text us that you are on your way

While at the Customers Home:

  • It’s critical that you understand that we structure our cleanings by the “labor hour” or “man hour” not a flat fee.  
  • However, many times they will need more Man hours than what they originally booked, in order for you to finish all rooms.  
  • Therefore, you will need to be comfortable advising them of how many more Man hours they may need.  We do not promise the customer we will finish everything in those hours but that it is just an estimate.  You may need to consult or advise the customer to add more time and let them tell you yes or no (approve additional time).  
  • If a Customer does add more time, this also means more pay to you as well.
  • We find that over 70% of the time, the customer agrees to add the additional time needed.
  • Bottom line is that we Do NOT want you feeling like you have to rush to finish everything if the Customer did not Book enough man hours in the beginning?
  • We ALWAYS work in this default Room Order (unless the customer advises otherwise):
    • Kitchen
    • Bathrooms
    • Living Areas
    • Bedrooms
  • We use Cleaning Checklist PDF unless the customer requests other items
  • Remember – you always work Room to Room and Top to Bottom!
  •  If you have a partner helping you clean, than the Real Hours would be cut in half.  So a 10 man hour job would be 5 real hours for a Team of 2 cleaning.  Your pay is still the same and you would just pay your partner from your Venmo pay.  
  • We recommend that you also read the Customer pages here so you can see what they see when they Book a cleaning with us online: 
  • [CRITICAL] Finally, once you are ready to begin cleaning, you will need to find out if the Customer is going to be home to Inspect you clean ROOM to ROOM or if they are going to leave?   
    • If they say they are staying home to inspect you room to room, you can go ahead and get to work!  And before you go to the next room, have them initial it on the form first.  
    • Now, if the customer says they are going to leave AT ALL while you clean, remind them that that is okay BUT that we do not a) Guarantee the Service AND b) that we require PAY-PAY via CashAP, Zelle or Facebook payments on ALL jobs when nobody is going to be home to Inspect you! This is protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee as well.  ( you can view the page here too for that explains it in more detail )
    • If the customer needs our Venmo or Cash app account name to send us a Payment, they can be found here
    • Or customer can give you their CashAp ID Username and you text it to us so we can have them pay it
  • If you got all the above done congrats now you are ready to begin cleaning! 

Once you are done Cleaning:

  • Once you are done on a gig, simply fill out our Pay Log herto log what happened on that job and to get paid. 
  • You will need your CashAp ID/Username in order to get paid! (download via appstore on your phone) 
    • Other payment modes include Facebook Payments & Zelle
  • We typically pay cleaners with in 1 week. Most jobs are paid within 48 biz hours too!
  • Home office will handle the Customers billing and final invoices with Clients
  • Home Office is closed on Weekends so we may not always respond to texts/calls to cleaners until Monday so keep this in mind please.
  • Occasionally, a particular Merchant we use for payment processing will take longer to transfer funds to our bank account and when this does happen, we will notify you asap! 
  • If you need References from other cleaners that we have paid consistently over the years, just ask us and we can send you a list of other cleaners to contact to verify this

Here is the average pay on gig types:

  • General/Basic Cleans: $15 to $20 per hour
  • Deep Cleans/Move-Outs: $25 – $30 per hour
  • Hoarding Clean outs: $40 – $50 per hour.  This 2nd sister company is located here in case you can handle the really gross jobs that pay BIG money we are now doing Hoarding Clean Outs too >>!  
  • AirBNB Cleans / Vacation Rental Jobs:  $20-$25 per man hour
  • We will typically show on the Job Listing & Work Order what each job pays per man/labor hour too

Would you like References that we actually Pay our cleaners?

  • You want peace of mind knowing that we are going to pay you for your hard work right?
  • We are nervous to send money to you before you clean in fear you might not show up right?
  • So, what can be done about this stale mate that occurs between 2 businesses thousands of miles apart?
  • This is where Venmo is so very important, not only as a faster way to Pay you, but it also allows those payments to be PUBLIC for EVERYONE TO SEE!   
  • What better way for you to know and SEE that we pay our cleaners than this?

Therefore, we now use CashAp usually, for not only a 2nd or alternative new payment option to you but also for you you to look at all the payments and social comments on them as our References and Proof that we can be trusted to pay you for your hard work!

  • All you need to do is go to your CashAp account and search for the account name “squeakycleanhouse” or “Kurt Timsah” or simply scan QR code and add us as a Venmo Friend so you can view them! Its really that simple!



Recommended House Cleaning Supplies:

    • Low Lint Paper towels, low lint rags
    • Grout Brush
    • Scrubbing pads
    • Windex
    • Comet or Soft Scrub
    • Gloves
    • Vacuum Cleaner
    • Dusters or Duster pole
    • mop or flat mop
    • Lysol Wipes and here is some additional items that we highly recommend
    • Our main company cleaning agent we highly recommend you use is called MEYERS Clean day(any scent) so make sure you have this if you want great reviews!
    • Pumice Stone for toilets and ovens
    • Dust pan and Brush in case Vacuum breaks
    • Liquid Gold or Lemon Pledge
    • Magic erasers for wall stains work great



Want more gigs closer to you?

Once a cleaner does a job they usually beg me for more jobs! 

Well, now I have one way that I can help us get more jobs for you in your area!  You simply setup a Google Maps page and this explains how to do it > by clicking here.

You do not have to wait until you have done a job with us to set this up! 




About Us

Hi I’m Owner Kurt Timsah, father of two and internet entrepreneur and I have spent over 10 years as an Information Technology & Marketing consultant before deciding to start a local house cleaning company in OKC in 2011.  After great success locally,  I decided to restructure the business model to that of a house cleaning “Referral Agency” (versus Franchising) and began to expand it Nationwide in 2017 using my Marketing and IT skills.

SCH now has over 70+ cleaners in many states across the USA and is just in the beginning stages of some very exciting developments to roll out in 2021.  I enjoy making the house cleaning experience a more hi-tech and convenient experience for both the cleaner and the customer.  Plus, I love to see all my cleaners making a little extra income doing something they are great at too!

One of the new markets that I am very excited about in 2021 is that of our sister site,!  

As of Fall 2022, I have decided to expand the Company to South America, starting with Medellin, Colombia!  You can read more about this exciting new development here on this page.

Remember, the more successful you are, the more successful I am too.  No Great company can become great unless it also has GREAT CLEANERS TOO!  The more money you make, the more money my Company makes!   

Thank you & Welcome to Squeaky Clean!