Why we use Venmo?

1) Venmo allows us to pay our Cleaners MUCH faster and with less accounting headaches.

2) A Companies & Reviews are critical to our success and there is absolutely NO better way to prove that Customers and Cleaners both are Happy with our work and professionalism than letting you SEE the actual payments paid to us from Happy Customers!This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is venmo_hero-1024x578.jpg

Well, Venmo’s “social” payments platform allows you to see all of these Payments back and forth, giving you that peace of mind and being the best Testimonials anyone could provide you!

So, how does one set-up a Venmo account?

  1. Simply download it to your smart phone
  2. Create your account
  3. Tie your Debit or Credit cards to it
  4. Then find us and add us as a Friend so you can view our past payments and happy customers!
  5. You can do that by searching for “squeakycleanhouse” or scan the QR code below…

3. For using Venmo on your final Invoice, we have decided to reward our customers for this and now offer a Discount for paying with it and this Discount amount will be shown on your Booking checkout page but is roughly about 10%l